8 Common Causes of Dry Skin

Wether you have naturally dry skin or your skin occasionally gets dry,  its important to be aware of common cause of dry skin. Here at BubbleDo we consider ourselves skin care fanatics, thats why we put together this guide with 8 common cause of dry skin and what you can do about it.

Winter weather conditions

Dry skin is particularly typical in the winter season, when the air moisture drops. When the air outside is cool and dry, the water in your skin evaporates quicker; this makes your skin feel dry as well as tight, as well as makes it look flaky. As a matter of fact, your skin sheds more than 25 percent of its capacity to hold dampness in the winter. Windy climates can additionally oppress on your skin and also make it look and feel dry and also chapped. Several of my people describe this condition as "winter skin."

The remedy: Protect your skin by wearing the proper clothes such as, gloves and also scarves to secure it from the components. Make sure to use a rich moisturizing lotion which contains ingredients like glycerin that assist hold dampness in your skin, and also pay unique focus to your hands, joints, knees, and also feet.

Indoor home heating

Most of us invest even more time inside in the winter and where we are prone to indoor heating. air heatinng ina home or office building not only dries out your skin, it additionally dries your mucous membrane layers, bring about dry, chapped lips, dry noses (nosebleeds), and also dry throat (hoarseness, aching throat).

The remedy: Set your heating system to the lowest setting that's comfortable, and use a humidifier, particularly at night. This will certainly change the wetness airborne that gets drawn out by dry indoor warmth. The humidifier assists moisten dry skin and also relieves chapped lips, dry throat, and also nasal passages.

Long Hot Showers

A long hot bath or shower might seem fantastic after being out in the cool, but the mix of warm water and soaking can remove your skin of its safety oils and also leave you appearing like an alligator.

The remedy: Try to shower or bathe in cozy, not hot water, as well as restriction showers and also baths to 10 minutes, just sufficient to clean the filthy little bits. Rub dry, do not massage.

Skipping body lotion: It might be tempting to skip the body cream when your skin is hidden in winter garments, yet it's equally as essential to hydrate in the winter as it is in the summer season, also if your legs as well as arms aren't on display screen. Dry skin can get scratchy, flaky, and also awkward if you don't use the best cream.

The remedy: Apply a rich body cream instantly after bathing to secure wetness. Apply again prior to going outside and before going to sleep. Try to find active ingredients like glycerin, which holds moisture in your skin as well as fights dehydration.

Not Eating the Ideal Foods

Your skin cells are covered in a protective bubble of lipids (fats) that keep them soft, plump, and flexible. Your body will not have sufficient structure blocks to keep this protective cover if you do not consume enough fatty acids in your diet.

The remedy: Consuming foods which contain "excellent fats". Make sure to include lots of omega-3-rich foods in your diet regimen, consisting of oily fish (such as salmon, sardines, and mackerel). If you're sensitive or can not stand the preference of fish, attempt incorporating tofu, walnuts, flaxseeds, soybeans, or omega-3-fortified foods (like orange juice) right into your diet regimen each day. Furthermore, some people with dry skin as well as itchy rashes can benefit from evening primrose oil supplements.

Harsh bar soaps

Lots of bar soaps, especially antiperspirant soaps, include cleaning agents that eliminate your skin's natural oils, leaving it dry and much more sensitive.

The remedy: Switch over to a moisturizing, fragrance-free body laundry that leaves your skin soft, not stripped. Save the bar soap for your armpits and also feet.

Being dehydrated

You could not be as dehydrated in the winter as you are in the summer season when you're warm and also sweaty. Nonetheless, you lose water via your skin each day, in any type of season, also when it's cool as well as also if you don't seem like you're sweating. If you invest a whole lot of time in dry indoor heat, this is particularly real. Our bodies are made of 70 percent water, which maintains our cells healthy and balanced as well as plump. If you're not consuming alcohol enough, your body (as well as your skin) gets dried out, which can make you feel and look shriveled.

The remedy: Make sure you're obtaining plenty of liquids in the winter, even if you do not feel thirsty. Stay clear of caffeinated beverages, which will make you shed much more water. Rather, stay with water, soup, decaf coffee as well as tea, and also herbal tea.

Constant hand washing

Dry, chapped hands are often caused by frequent hand washing, as well as the use of hand sanitizers, which often have a high concentration of alcohol. Although it is very important to maintain your hands tidy to stay clear of spreading bacteria, the exposure to soap as well as water and also alcohol can remove your skin of its all-natural oils, causing chapped hands, divides, and also cracks that can bleed and even obtain contaminated.

The solution: dont forget your very own moisturizing liquid hand soap when you are away from your house. (The soap in public toilets is usually extremely harsh and dries skin out.) Rub on a rich hand cream after each cleaning or after using hand sanitizer, and also cover moisturized hands with handwear covers at bedtime. When gardening, doing meals, or functioning around your house, make to sure to wear gloves to protect your hands.

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